Pre-loved CHUBB safe

Pre-loved CHUBB safe
Preloved safe. Reconditioned safe. Secondhand safe. Safe

H425 x W350 x D420.  Approx.45kgs. Locks with single bolt on both sides of the door. pre-set combination with turnsnib for opening.  Grey in colour with black door. Pre-drilled hole internal for easy bolting down.  Suggested 1 hour fire resisting.

Pick up price $255.55

Chubb pre-loved safe.
External: H750 x W580 x D600, 660 with handle (approx. measurements).
Internal: H560, 430 to top of draw x W390 x D370 (approx. measurements).
With digital or combination, one or the other will be fitted according to purchasers preference.
External newly sprayed grey, internal original colour.
Internal lockable draw.

Price $2757.56

Safes. Reconditioned safe. Secondhand safe. Preloved safe

H420 x W430 x D380.  Approx. 100kgs. Combination only with relocker. Can set combination to your unique numbers. Theft protection. Concrete filled. 2 x Pre-drilled holes internal for bolting down. General purpose safe ideal for home, office or small retail.

Pick up price $1053.20